Southern Ohio Forestland Association
1864 Shyville Road
Piketon, Ohio 45661









Southern Ohio Forestland Association (SOFA) was formed in 1995 by a forester at OSU Research and Extension Center, Piketon. He had seen the need for such an organization in his dealings with woodland owners as part of his job. Many knew little about the management of their woodlands, but were hungry for knowledge about what they had, how it should be managed, and where its real worth lay. The process of selling timber was a mystery to many who feared they would, in their naiveté, be taken advantage of by a system they were unfamiliar with.

Also, people who wanted to manage forestland for timber production, wildlife, or other purposes, had no way of connecting with others who were knowledgeable and experienced at doing those things. Even the fact that each Ohio woodland owner has available the consultation of a knowledgeable, resourceful, and skilled service forester assigned to his or her county was not common knowledge.

SOFA has changed all that. Members, through participation in meetings, exposure to an array of informative and experiential programs, and getting to know and connect with other woodland owners, have increased their awareness of not only the value of their woodlots, but how to properly care for them.

SOFA educates and supports land owners. There are nine such woodland-owner groups in the state of Ohio, and anyone is free to join one or more of the groups. At SOFA meetings - most of which are held at the OSU South Centers in Piketon - members discuss farm problems and solutions, exchange ideas, are presented with monthly educational programs, and occasionally tour other member's farms. And the pre-meeting carry-in buffets are always a treat! Not all members own land. Some members have an acre or two. A few are looking forward to being future forestland owners. The members' mutual interests all lean toward conservation of natural resources, wildlife, best management practices, soil and water resource protection, esthetics, and recreation.

Members welcome new faces and look forward to breaking bread with anyone interested in attending the meal at 6:15 prior to each meeting held at the Piketon site.

Southern Ohio Forestland Association - 1864 Shyville Road - Piketon, Ohio 45661